West Bengal State Award for 'Persons with Disability'

We have received "West Bengal State Award for 'Persons with Disability' in 2020-2021" on the basis of our activity on 'Special Needs Children'

We have completed such projects earlier

Beggars’ Rehabilitation ,CBR Programme for Special Children, Peace building & Communal Harmony, Environment & water, Cultural rights,  on ‘Good Touch-Bad Touch’, reproductive health, anti-trafficking, health issue, Community Development programmes in slums, Women Empowerment Programme through: Adult Education for Women; Domestic Workers Programme, Domestic Violence Issue, Leadership Programme and capacity building, livelihood issue; Youth Development through Career & Academic Counseling, Football Tournament for Youth, Celebration  of Special Days, Road Safety, Vote for Democracy Camp, Right to Information Camp, Awareness Against Alcoholism & Tobacco Control, Vocational Training for Youth;  consumer right, Children rights,  Elderly People, Financial Literacy Programme, Livelihood And Others.

Research Work:

*      “The Beggars: ‘An Informative Book on Beggars’

*      ‘Impact on Overall Development of Children Working in Family enterprises: A Study’

*      ‘Beggars- The Mirror of  Society’

*      ‘Wealth Management & Financial Education’

Transparency and Accountability:

We strive to develop our programmes with the involvement of the communities we claim to work with. This makes transparency a dual responsibility for us- we are as accountable to you, our donor and we are equally responsible to the communities we work with. This will be visible in the way we report back- while we send updates, event reports, and regular reports to our funders, we also ensure that the money we spend on a community is known to them.

Monitoring and Evaluation

People’s Participation will commit to follow up the project from themoment work has commenced and will send monthly reports to donor agency upuntil its termination. In addition, the project will establish a projectmonitoring plan based on the project log frame for internal monitoring andevaluation purpose. The monthly activity plans will be developed from theproject monitoring plan. People’s Participation will develop appropriatereporting formats for collection of project information on a monthly basis.Monthly project review meetings will be organized to review the progress andthese meetings will be facilitated by the Project Manager. Proceedings of eachmonthly review will be recorded and kept for future reference. The Secretarywill undertake period monitoring visits to the project area to interact withproject beneficiaries, project staff and other stakeholders on the progress.

Midterm and Impact evaluation is planned by external resource person.The evaluation will assess the impact of the project within the projectframework. It will also identify the gaps and provide recommendations to beconsidered for similar future projects. In case, donor agency commits toundertake the external evaluation of the project, then the project willreconsider the budget for the evaluation activity. However, People’sParticipation will appreciate communication in this regard.