PP's Vision, Values towards the Society

Peace, development and human rightsare essentially inter-related, inter-dependent and indivisible. People’s Participationplays an important role to become a concrete expression of national, regionaland local level voice to assist and stand up for those who can’t speakthemselves. Every human being is entitled to certain basic human rights whichare available to them without discrimination of any sort human rights areprotected by the United Nations and its specialized agencies. In India humanrights are protected by the judiciary, human rights commissions, apart fromthese organizations the Non-Governmental organizations also have an importantrole in protection of human rights. People’s Participation work from grassroots level to the national level in the protection of human rights.


Advocacy for and with thePoor:  In some cases, People’s Participation become spokespersons orombudsmen for the poor and attempt to influence government policies andprograms on their behalf. This may be done through a variety of means rangingfrom demonstration and pilot projects to participation in public forums and theformulation of government policy and plans, to publicizing research results andcase studies of the poor. Thus People’s Participation plays roles fromadvocates for the poor to implementers of government programs; from agitatorsand critics to partners and advisors; from sponsors of pilot projects tomediators.